Friday, November 21, 2008

Twenty-one alcohol free days of gratitude

I'm thankful for
1. Mimicry. In other words, the best form of flattery. A boy stopped by my dorm room and noticed my bed turned sideways. He ran straight home to change his.
2. Shopping with cool people. I had to go shopping for supplies for a couple activities. I didn't want to go, but I got two amazing girls to come with me. It made the short shopping adventure tolerable and even fun.
3. Random tackles. I was talking to a friend at her apartment. She was on her balcony, and I was standing in the lawn. One of the boys downstairs made a George of the Jungle sound, so I mimicked it. (Hmm...nice.) He shouted out my name, ran outside, and tackled me to the ground. He followed it with a quick apology when he realized the grass was wet. All the while, another girl pretended to fight him off.
4. Silly students. I felt like a fifth grader today. I sat at one of the extra desks and really enjoyed the school day. Many of the students challenged me to arm wrestles. I won every time. (Thank goodness.) Two boys were jealous that I was sucking on a peppermint. They wanted one as well, so they bet me one peppermint each. They had to go the rest of the day without talking unless called upon. They enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. They won their peppermints. When the other students figured out what was going on, they begged to participate. Before long, I had the quietest classroom in the whole school. My mentor teacher had no idea it was going on.

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