Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11 days of thanks on 11/11

I'm thankful for
1. Kind words from friends. I just received the most thoughtful email. I appreciated the lovely ending to my day.
2. Yoga. Tonight was my first experience with yoga. I quite enjoyed it. I felt very relaxed. It was a very peaceful and even spiritual experience. I felt connected: mind, body, and soul. I'll definitely go back to class next week.
(Some of you may be giggling to yourselves knowing that I may not be thankful for it in the morning.)
3. Heaters and 10pm bed times. I know that's what I said last night, but I can't tell you the difference it made in my day. Because I slept so well, I was so happy and energetic all day. I even knew that I was being evaluated by my education advisor during a lesson today. I knew that I had class with my creepy professor. Nothing could get me down. Even now, I'm in an incredible mood.
4. Books. (I am doing a fourth just because I did have a repeat.) I brought home 38 more children's books to add to my collection today. My college classmates do the Scholastic book orders that I remember well from elementary school. All I ever ordered were posters, because all I ever had was $0.50. It's fun to order lots and lots of books. I'll also be thankful when I have a decent collection of books to share with the children in my future classes. I do love books and reading.

You thought I was going to forget.
5. Veterans. Today, the 11th of November, is Veterans Day. The day is dedicated to the cause of world peace and is a day to honor all veterans. There have been countless men and women who have served our country and the cause of peace. I appreciate their service, sacrifice, and dedication.
To all the military personnel serving now, God be with you. I pray for your safe return. I also pray that we will find a way to establish freedom and justice in a more peaceable way so that we can bring you home.

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*MARY* said...

I'm thankful for yoga too. I check out yoga dvds at the library all the time. And sometimes I even watch them and yoga along.


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