Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for
1. My funny family. These are my favorite comments from today.
Will: "Not to put too much pressure on you, Casey, but if your rolls don't work then you will have ruined Thanksgiving."
Casey about 20 minutes later, realizing that the dough wasn't rising: "We're having unleavened turkey biscuits." (She made the best of the situation and rolled the dough and cut them with turkey shaped cookie cutter.)
As usual, we told countless funny stories from years past. Amy couldn't stop her nostrils from flaring while she laughed. Soon, tears came to her eyes. Casey was laughing so hard about a story that supposedly wasn't really that funny that we couldn't understand her.
2. My predictable family. I wrote a letter to a friend just before going to bed last night. The pages were filled with my predictions for the day. Most all have come true and I've only been here four hours. For example, my mom said she wished we would stopping telling nasty stories at the table. Amy immediately followed that were her high-frequency dinner conversation word: genitalia.
3. A warm and safe house and plenty of food to eat. I have no needs today. I'm completely taken care of. I'm grateful that I am. I know there are plenty who are without today. My heart and prays go out to them. May God provide them with protection, peace, and happiness.

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MIMA said...

I'm thankful for you.


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