Monday, November 3, 2008

Three days of gratitude

I'm thankful for
1. Ward activities. I just got home from a simple yet very delightful ward Family Home Evening. We had a lovely lesson about making the most of every day. We convened to the kitchen to enjoy a delicious bean dip lovingly prepared by Sister Crosby. Brother Crosby whipped up some amazing smoothies and shakes. The fun moved downstairs for pool, fooseball, Hymns Made Easy, and multiple conversations.
Saturday was one of the coolest ward activities EVER! The Bishopric took a small group of us into a nearby box canyon. We had a wild west shoot out. Okay, that was an exaggeration. What isn't an exaggeration was that I've never seen or fired so many different guns in my life. With a trusty 20 gauge shotgun, I obliterated 5 clay pigeons in a row performing as well as two boys and two members of my bishopric. I fired a .45 that may have killed someone during WWII. With a rifle in hand, I was the only one to hit a target up the mountain. I was going to say how far away it was, but I'm not so good with distances. I love shooting. I've only been five or six times, but I would go every week if I had the chance.
2. Racing. After FHE, two cars of girls challenged each other to a race home. Wynne was driving one car and my roommate was driving the other. I was in the car with Wynne and guided her to the fastest route home. We were the first to arrive in the parking lot, but we almost lost when after we mocked the other girls they tried to sneak up a different staircase. Their giggle gave their plan away and we raced them up the stairs. I was first in my room and ran through the bathroom into their room. I yelled, "Beat ya!" when they opened the door. Then I raced my roommate to the toilet. I won that one, too.
3. The internet. I summon the powers of the internet multiple times a day. For example, this afternoon a resident asked me where she was supposed to vote. Seeing that I'm still registered at my parent's address (having moved a couple times in the last little bit), I wasn't sure. I called on my friend the internet and found the precint maps and polling locations in a snap. Thanks to the internet, I was able to post signs around the dorms reminding everyone to vote. This got me bonus points with my Resident Manager and the Housing Director. Thanks, internet.


*MARY* said...

I know a brother and sister Crosby, they are in my family's ward and he was our home teacher for years. Is his first name Richard, because if it is then we have a mutual church acquaintance. Yipee!

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

Richard and Louise Crosby in Bloomington


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