Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the 23rd day of November

I'm thankful for
1. Singing. I got to sing a special musical number in church today. I sure do love to sing.
I was getting antsy the other day. I realized it was because I hadn't sung in forever.
The biggest downside to living at the dorms is that I don't really have the opportunity to sing. I could go to the Institute, but I find that no matter where I go, someone walks in. I want to sing in peace without people interrupting. I also get nervous thinking that someone might be listening.
I'd sing in my room, but the walls are paper thin.
The only time I can get back to my folks' house is when someone from my family is home. I usually get distracted or interrupted.
I'm excited for the Thanksgiving break. My neighbors should all be gone, so I'll be able to sing in my dorm room. Also, I should be able to find some time at my folks' house to sing. Or since gas is cheap enough, I can drive out in the middle of nowhere and sing for hours.
2. Markers. I sure do like writing with markers.
3. Crayons. Nothing is more relaxing than coloring with crayons.

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