Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet sixteen

I'm thankful for
1. Compassionate friends. I'll admit it. I'm a little crazy. I like to have control. I need it sometimes. I went out of town with some friends this weekend. I had been asked to speak in church, so I had to clarify before we even left town what time we'd leave on Sunday morning to ensure I'd be home in time. My friend said we'd leave by 7, but that would have stressed me out way too much. I requested we leave at 6 and she consented. Saturday night when it was brought up again, I was mocked. I am not too confrontational, so I began freaking out in my mind. I didn't dare say anything out loud.
I packed up all my stuff, so I'd be ready to go. I set it in the kitchen. I went downstairs where my friend was watching SNL with her cousin. I had intended to offer to load her stuff for her, but then I chickened out. I didn't want to offend her. Rather, I only printed off my talk and went to bed.
I was surprised this morning when her alarm went off before mine. I got up and got ready and then offered to help her load her stuff. She explained that she did that before she went to bed. We were loaded and pulling out of town minutes before six. I found out later this morning, that she had stayed up with her cousin until 3am. She barely had two hours of sleep but got up without complaint.
We arrived at my place at 9:35am. I was so happy and so relieved.
My friend showed great compassion and understanding. She got me home in ample time so that my experience at church could be a pleasant one. She truly is amazing.
2. The hand of God in my life. I went on exchanges with the Sister missionaries tonight. I walked into the home of the first appointment. I noticed the family cat right away. In the recent years, I have become allergic to cats. The last time I was around a cat, my itchy eyes, throat, and skin, as well as runny nose and headache lasted almost the entire day. However, tonight I was truly blessed. I didn't have an allergic reaction at all. I sat undisturbed. I recognize this as a miracle in my life. I didn't want to disrupt the lesson or offend the family because of my allergy. Neither happened. We were able to teach the lesson least my means of allergies.
3. Opportunities to serve. As I mentioned before, I spoke in church today. That was not the only way I contributed to the meeting. The ward music chairperson texted me on Thursday and asked if I would play for the congregational singing. I mentioned that I was speaking but would be more than happy to if she needed me to do it. Therefore, I played the organ for the meeting as well. A girl asked me a few weeks ago to accompany her for a special musical number. She plays the viola. I agreed without any hesitation.
This meant I showed up at 10:30 to rehearse with the violist. I played the prelude music. I played the organ for the opening and sacrament hymns. I sat on the stand during the first two talks. I accompanied the violist for the special musical number. I went from the piano to the pulpit to give my talk. I went from the pulpit to the organ to play the closing song and minutes later the postlude. I joked with my friends on the drive up that I might as well say the opening and closing prayers while I was at it. And you know I would have had I been asked.
I was slightly embarrassed when a member of the stake presidency who was in attendance commented on my contribution. Embarrassed but thankful. I am grateful for my talents and the opportunities I have to share them and to serve others through their use. My talents and abilities have grown significantly as I've shared them. The more I participate in my church meetings and share my talents in my everyday life, the more I improve. I know that it's no coincidence. I am blessed for my service.
4. Conversation. I stopped by Jodilyn's house at the end of the night to tell her about my weekend. We had a brief yet wonderful conversation.
I talked to another friend on my way home. That conversation made me happy as well.
I talked to Cristina during rounds tonight. We have great talks every week.
I went to another friend's home after rounds and talked with him for two hours.
I love conversing with my friends. I am grateful to have friends. I am grateful they are great listeners. I am grateful they have the time and desire to talk with me.


Tobler's said...

I love how you are doing this. You are such an amazing person. It really makes me realize how much we have to be grateful for! :)

MIMA said...

Katie. I am always thankful when you make time for me. Even if its brief and we only talk for a few moments. I am always a better person because of it. I love you. And your hugs.


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