Monday, November 24, 2008

24 (with associated sound effects)

I'm thankful for
1. Finale Notepad. It's free. Or at least it was last year. I think it's $9.95 this year. I used the program to update two arrangements for the Christmas program at church. They now look much better than my rushed handwritten copies.
2. Awkward moments. I'm reminded when I'm socially awkward that I'm a real person and that I have room for growth. Also, it helps me realize how far I've come. Social situations used to always be completely awkward all the time. Now, on the rare chance that it gets awkward enough for me to care, I realize that it hasn't been awkward for a long time. (I also realize that this explanation is a bit awkward.)
3. Fun books. I started reading a Jerry Spinelli book called "Star Girl" in the car ride home from Orem. I didn't have time to read it again until Thursday during silent reading at the elementary school. I read a little more on Friday. Today, the students were working quietly and independently, so I took the opportunity to finish the book. I rationalized it, because students observing the teacher wrapped up in a book has got to be a good thing. I was able to finish it this morning. It was such a cute book. It's an easy read and also very pleasant. I learned a lot about myself while I read it. Children's literature has that ability. I texted my friend, Eliza, and she'll be bringing me the second book tomorrow in class.

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