Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wake me up before you go go

I've been using my cell phone as my alarm this since summer. I found toward the end of this last semester that I'd had enough. The limited number of ring tones that came with my most recent phone were incredibly annoying and even caused some anxiety. I didn't want to start my day out that way anymore. I decided to go back to what had worked for years and years prior: an inexpensive alarm clock. I picked one up the next time I was at Target.
The first night I used it, I set my cell phone alarm just in case. I wondered which would be more effective at waking me up.
(Not actual alarm clock purchased, but it would've been had it been available.)

Which was more effective? Neither.
What did get me up and out of bed? The unignorable and unsuppressable (two words that I'm not sure exist) urge to urinate. Now if I could only figure out how to make that happen every morning, I'd never be late for anything again.


Allison Davis Photo said...

SHUT UP! You went to Neil Diamond with out me!! I am pretty mad.

Single Girl said...


Also sometimes I sleep with the bathroom light on. It leaves just a little light in my bedroom. Its easier for me to get out of bed it its lightish in the morning.

Also I has a singing bird alram clock growing up that I put on the other end of the room.

that worked...for a while.

Carolyn said...

I tried this....once. Then I learned my lesson! I had stayed up late and had to get up early, so I drank a lot of water before I went to bed, thinking that it would be easier to get up with extra incentive! Well, I got up alright, but the bathroom was busy! Another family member had beat me to it and was in the middle of some business and would not be done for a while. I learned my lesson!


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