Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twenty days of gratitude and bliss

I'm thankful for
1. Monkey bars. They make for great conversation.
2. A fifth grader who talks in his sleep. We went to see Beauty and the Beast at a local high school. Not to dis the performance, but his sleep talking was incredibly entertaining. I only wish I could have sat next to him to listen. As the teacher, I could've forced a student to switch me spots, but the kids next to him were enjoying it far more than I would have.
3. Melody. I began to panic when the hour was getting late and the show wasn't over. I was scheduled to present with my classmates right at the beginning of class. I called Melody and asked her for a ride on her way into town from her elementary school placement. She brought with her a pleasant attitude and my own personal sanity.
4. Silent films. The highlight of our presentation was a silent film I created starring my classmates Eliza and Danielle. Currently, it's a PowerPoint. I need to put it into MovieMaker or PhotoStory and upload it. Some day.

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