Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Five days of blissful gratitude

I'm thankful for
1. Long talks. My friend gave me a ride home from rehearsal tonight. We were talking, so we decided to go for a drive. When we got back to my apartment, our conversation did not cease. We talked for two more hours. We shared awkward dating stories, frustrations, and our testimonies. I love talking, and I love listening.
2. Geekiness. I spent 35 minutes today sorting prefixes, suffixes, and root words so that each magnet board would have the exact same words on them (in the exact same order, although that will change with their first use). I took pleasure in that activity. I also giggled at the possible combinations and can't wait for tomorrow. I'm sure the students will be surprised when I encourage them to not only to create real words but also to invent psuedo words. Defining this new vernacular will be quite enjoyable.
3. Connections. When I went to check out a book at the college library, I knew I still had three books out. I was sure they were probably overdue, but I hadn't realized that they had been due 8 days ago. I owed the library $6. Fortunately, I used to work at the library and the supervisor working has become a dear confidant. We used to swap stories while we worked and will still share when we see each other. She renewed my books and cleared the fines. (I feel like this library story also demonstrates my geekiness.)

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