Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here she comes...

My parents set up a play date on Saturday. There's a new family in the ward. They have a son who is single. His parents and my mother have talked about setting Casey up with him.
Well, they set up a picnic in Zion on Saturday. The new couple brought their son, and my parents brought their two single daughters. Talk about old-fashioned.
Despite the potential awkwardness of this meeting, Casey and I had a lot of fun in Zion. While we were sitting across from one another at the picnic table, I took a picture of her. I then divulged my secret goal which was to take at least 27 pictures of her that day. I'm calling the album 27 Pictures: Zion National Park. You can see the album on Facebook, and I'll post them on here later.
In the mean time, I will share my favorite picture. Our first stop in the park was at Weeping Rock. On the trail upwards, I stopped at every informative sign and read them out loud until Casey and Adam (the boy) got sick of it and asked me to stop.
On the way back down, one sign caught Casey's eye. It was in front of a tree. Casey hollered up to me, "Doesn't this one sound like an insult?"
'Here she comes...Bigtooth Maple!'
I laughed at that so many times that afternoon. I'm laughing at it right now as I view the picture beside this text.
Casey is so ridiculously funny!
Thanks, Maple, for a delightsome afternoon. You are the bestest little sister a girl like me could ever hope for.

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*MARY* said...

That plaque was dedicated to my Aunt Bigtooth Maple. She's famous for rescuing a baby stuck under a log with her historic big tooth. She deserves our respect please.


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