Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slightly stalkerish love note finds its way under my door

My Sweet little dove,
Like the sweet little morsel of chocolate wrapped in tinfoil covering, you melt my heart, & inspire my soul, w/ your soothing words of wisdom.
I would love to take off your "tinfoil" covering & read whats written on your heart about us. i would really like to kiss you...:) lol ha ha Just kidding, but seriously I would.
When I think of you, no, when I think of us, I think of a beautiful painting by that famous painter...I think it was Van Gogh. He's the one who cut off his ear right? All the swirling colors vibrantly dancing across the canvas like we would, no wait! Like we most certainly will one day!
Well, now on a less serious note, I don't think I can live w/ out you. I dreamt of you last night my darling. It started off at the table, you were sitting in cowboy pj's eating a bowl of capin crunch, you spit your cerial out into your bowl and said, "silly rabbit, tricks are for kids" Then your head turned into a flies head and you tried to fly outside but the window was shut... Then I woke up, I don't quite know what it means, It was really creapy actually, but I still dreamt of you. it's the thought that counts.
I don't know how much longer I can hold myself back watching you as you go to desa and RA meeting. the way you tossel your hair. And when you clean your glasses...That's when I stare the hardest, and begin taking pictures. Well, see you during round
kisses and chapstick
Love you lots
love/ me

My comments: I must say, I quite enjoyed this little letter. There are a number of people who could have left it for me. I'm not worried, despite the fact that my Resident Manager creeped us out tonight informing us of the real and potential happenings (including criminal) around here. I won't go into any detail, but I will say this isn't the sunny St. George I still naively believe exists.


Cheryl said...

Oh my creepiness. Wow. That's weird. You're at the Nissons, right? When I was in HS we stayed there each summer as part of the Upward Bound program. My friends room (read: the one next to the connecting bedroom) was broken into...WHILE THEY WERE SLEEPING. The dude had a key. Creepy. They caught him a few nights later. That was like seven years ago.

*MARY* said...

SIGH... That's the most romantic thing I've ever read and I've read Twilight! You're so lucky.


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