Friday, September 12, 2008

The 80s at its finest

I started watching the most amazing movie with my brother tonight. Sadly, I feel asleep due to the week's exhaustion taking its toll on me. However, I can't wait to finish it this weekend.
Leon, the Game Master, has devised the ultimate scavenger hunt. Candy and Sunshine stand by his side through the whole event. During the parts I saw, these ladies didn't say a thing but overly expressed themselves with looks of shock and support as the scene dictated.
There are five groups competing for the prize. They are made up of stereotypical cliques from the local college. There are the jocks, nerds, sorority sisters, cheaters, and last but not least the good guys. Of course, each team is decked out in matching solid colored sweats.
This movie is overly dramatic and absolutely hilarious. I felt like I was watching Scooby Doo or a play at SUU.
I didn't make it to the end, [[[[spoiler alert]]]] but I'm sure the yellow team (the good guys) won.
This movie was released in 1980. Michael Nankin and David Wechter were the writers and directors for the movie. Wechter even composed two of the songs used for the soundtrack. You can guarantee that this movie was interpreted exactly how it was intended. Also, this is Michael J. Fox' film debut.
If you haven't seen it, find it and watch it this weekend. I laughed out loud on several occasions. My falling asleep does not reflect the film at all. I can say that with full confidence. I will be watching it again most likely in 14 hours.

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