Friday, September 19, 2008


I received a package today. It contained two items I ordered. I got two 2GB SD cards for my camera for $6 each. Contained in the box as well was a dream come true. I now have a 250GB portable hard drive. Woohoo!
I transferred all my files and will decide which programs I want to operate off this hard drive. I'm so incredibly excited. I can now clean up my laptop.
I ordered these products from my new favorite website:
As a matter of fact, I just ordered another item moments ago. I should receive a microphone for my iPod on Wednesday of next week.
I love new gadgets!


MIMA said...

Which external drive did you buy? I have been shopping around for one. How much did you pay? I checked out the website. Nice.

Katie--the amazing one, not your other friend named Katie. She's amazing, too, but not the same Katie as me-- said...

I bought a 250GB Western Digital...not to persuade your purchasing power in any way.


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