Sunday, July 6, 2008

Maybe you had to be there

This story will require a lot of information to set it up. I feel like that will take away from the beauty of it. Maybe you have to know Jared and maybe you had to be there. Regardless, I'm sharing it anyway.
Casey has a friend named Jared. He happens to be a yell leader (man cheerleader).
Amy has a Pomeranian that she brings over to my parents' house when she comes to visit. My brother claims Kodi is possessed by the spirit of a Chinese immigrant miner from Silver Reef. I can tell you that this dog is possessed and has puppy disorders. He may even be the devil's dog.
My mother also has a small dog. Scout is half Pomeranian half dachshund. She doesn't like new people. She will bark non-stop when someone new enters the house. There are a few visitors that still get barked at no matter how many times they stop by the house.
Jared is one of those visitors. Scout and Kodi bark at Jared every time he comes over. After a while, they'll calm down, but sometimes they start up again when Jared moves to a different part of the room.
Jared and Casey were sitting on the back porch this afternoon. Kodi was barking at Jared. Jared said to Casey, "Kodi and Scout always make me feel unwelcome here. I don't understand why Kodi thinks he can challenge me. I'm bigger than he is."
Then Jared turns and starts talking directly to Kodi. "I can lift cheerleaders over my head. You should fear me."

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