Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthdays are the Best: Continued

The story continues...

I'm ashamed of how few pictures I took. I was too caught up in the moment to remember that I even had my camera.

One of the best things that happened on my birthday was Vinnie! Vinnie is a best friend from high school that I haven't seen in a few years. Oh, goodness, I was so thrilled when he responded to my mass birthday invitation text. It was such a joy to spend the evening with him. Oh, yeah, and with everyone else, too. All my friends deserve some love.

My favorite brother, Will, joined the party halfway through and provided plenty of entertainment. Nobody sings
Crocodile Rock better than he does, not even Elton.

My younger sister, Casey, had a great time. You can see that on her face.
Oh, and Sister Horlacher was right when she stopped mid-lesson during Mia Maids to tell me that my nostrils have a great shape.

If Casey's face doesn't tell you how rockin' this party was, then this picture of Josh surely will. He had fun. I promise.

Birthday Booty
Acting silly with family and friends is the number one reason I love my birthday. Number three on the list is getting way cool gifts. I'm not sure what comes second.

Even little donations bless many nations.
Josh and Trevor blessed my nations when they gave me the treasures they found at D.I.
The pictures do no justice, especially not these little figurines. They are amazing and somewhat disturbing all at once. They are in a place of prominence in my room. I was going to display them in the living or dining room, but I don't want any commandment breaking happening in this apartment.

Trevor described this
Trash to Treasure book as the gift that will keep on giving. In case you can't read the bottom it says, "The Recycler's Guide to Creative Crafts." If I ever get called to the Enrichment Committee, this will be my primary reference.
The other book,
Better Roller Skating for Boys and Girls, makes me sad. I wish that the roller rink in Veyo hadn't closed. On our way back from Pine Valley on Christmas Eve, my family stopped at the gas station/building that houses the roller rink. They were having a sale on random junk upstairs. I was flooded with memories as I entered the room. They still had all the roller skates ready to be rented. Maybe I'll call up and ask if I can rent the rink for a night. I'd pay good money for that. That was quite a tangent. Back to the book. Contained inside are some absolutely amazing pictures. What a gem!

The ultimate birthday booty was this amazing collection of costume jewelry. You can see in the picture above with my sister that I didn't hesitate adorn myself with these jewels. When I proudly showed off my fashions, Casey said, "I think I read about you in Isaiah."

Jodi and her kids hit me with a bag full of prizes. My favorites were all the homemade bookmarks. It's a shame I don't even have that many books. (Just kidding. That's a serious understatement.) Even if that were true, Aaron added this book to my collection and Kari hooked me up with a Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

Casey fashioned this spelling bee plaque to give me a Great Sister award. She is such a lovely sister.

I had such an amazing birthday. I can hardly wait for next year to come.

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