Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you already knew this and didn't tell me...

...then we are no longer friends.
Actually, I won't be that harsh. You probably figured that I already knew since I'm usually up on this kind of thing. The minute I found out about this, I vowed to not keep it a secret.
My brother told me about a free 411 service from Google. I had used another service but was forced to listen to a couple ads before I got the number. Google is ad free. The phone number is 800-Goog-411. I tried it and love it.
I mentioned it at work yesterday, and my coworker, Kim, informed me that I could text Google. Send a text to Google (466453) and you will receive information back almost instantaneously. For example, I entered "Hungry Howies" into the body and received this information. "Local Listings: Hungry Howie's Pizza 144 W Brigham Rd St. George, 84790 435-656-0011"
She gave me a whole salesmanship presentation. "Do you have unlimited text? Of course you do. Free! It's free!" There is no charge for the service. It only uses text messages from your bundle.
Send "W" and you'll receive the weather forecast. "M" is for movie listings. "S" is for sports.
It's one of those things that soon enough I won't know how to live without it.

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