Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthdays are the Best

I'm all about a party. I like bringing people together and acting silly. My birthday was definitely a party.
On Friday night, some friends and I went to the Honolulu Grill for Karaoke Night. I pretended like it was for my birthday hoping to convince more people to come. That didn't work. The turnout was meager but the talent was abundant.
I sang all Whitney Houston all night long. Her music is intense. I tried to channel that intensity. You can see that all over my face.

I need to learn some showmanship from my friend, Trevor. He worked the small crowd even as everyone was cleaning up.

The morning of my birthday, my brother and younger sister took me out for breakfast. There's nothing better than a Cat Head Biscuits.

Saturday night, I hosted a birthday bash at my folks' house. I had a great turnout despite the fact that I didn't plan it or start inviting people until Thursday afternoon. The party featured Karaoke, Guitar Hero, Volleyball, Croquet, Great Food, and Amazing Friends.

Brooke favored us with a little Tiffany. My sister doesn't seem entertained, but she's a tough critic.

Awww, fetch. This isn't a fun game anymore. I'll finish this post later.


Dugovic Domain said...

How much did you pay that amazing karaoke artist? I want him for my husband's 30th birthday bash. I'm probably too late- he's sure to be booked through the end of September by now with talent like that.

Just say it.
"The bomb dot com"
It rolls off the tongue.
Give it a try...
It's delicious.

Allison said...

invite us next year, in case you don't remember from our seminary days. I have the voice of an angel!

Anonymous said...

Whitney houston sucks.


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