Sunday, April 6, 2008

Late Night Adventure

Jodilyn, my dear friend, has her kids this week. They are here for Spring Break. I surprised them last night when I showed up at their house with ice cream and cones after 10pm. Their mother, Jodilyn, surprised them by suggesting we all go on a walk to the park. We had intended to go stargazing since it was a New Moon, but we didn't realize this new park would be so well lit. Instead we spent quite a bit of time running timed trials of obstacle courses on the play equipment. It was AMAZING! We didn't leave the park until midnight.
We wandered off into the distance trying to find a dark area, but the lights of the park and the street lamps were just too bright. Hopefully, Jodilyn won't pansy-out and we really will go camping Monday night. Those kids need something to brag about when they go back to school. Sleeping under the stars would be a great story to tell. Jodi, are you tough enough for this adventure?

1 comment:

MIMA said...

I think you learned too much about me last night. A challenge is not a good thing to give me!!! You know I have to make this happen now!!! This is psychological warfare!!! uuuuuuuugggghhhhh!


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