Monday, April 28, 2008

Amazing Summer Ahead

I landed an amazing summer job today. I'll be working for the Utah State Extension Office planning the Aggie Adventures Summer Day Camps. The camps are designed to give students the opportunity to explore the world of science through fun hands-on activities.
I'll be planning five camps with a teammate and will be assisting on five others. The five camps I'll be planning are
  1. Slimy, Gooey, & Disgusting: Discover all kinds of slimy and gross things through experiments and investigations. Learn about worms, snot, smells, bats, and more!
  2. Inventors Laboratory: Learn to control the elements as we explore the awesome power of water, heat, and air. Create gliders, hover crafts, and much more.
  3. FUNdamentals of Science: This camp is full of fun, hands-on science experiments that teach basic science ideas. Activities include: crazy chemical reactions, rocket lauches, animal investigation and more!
  4. Shooting for the Stars: Have you ever wanted to fly into space? Join us for a spacey adventure as we learn about the stars, planets, and a trip to the moon!
  5. Owls, Spells, and Potions: Enter the magic of fantasy! In this camp, youth will explore the science behind the imagination. Chocolate frogs, potions, and flying brooms are just a taste of what we will explore.
This is going to be an amazing summer! I can hardly wait. I start planning tomorrow at 1:30.

Go to and check out summer camps or stop by 44 N 100 E in St. George for more information.

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MIMA said...

I want to go!!! Sign me up!! I am so excited for you! What an amazing experience ahead for you!


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