Sunday, April 6, 2008

For Brooke et al

I already have another blog. I created it in response to a petition by my church leader to use the internet and other media to share my basic beliefs with the world. Without sounding sacrilegious, I am treating that blog like the small plates. I don't want to dilute the information I share there with the everyday things of life.
However, I have been asked by my friends, notably Brooke, to update my blog more frequently. I have decided to create--again, I'm pushing it here--large plates. On this blog, I will post anything and everything, partly to appease Brooke and partly to be trendy like everyone else.
Seriously, I'm excited to share with anyone interested the silly things I do every day.
Much love to you all.


MIMA said...
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MIMA said...

Me first Me first Me first!!! I wanna be first to leave a message. I adore your new blog. I can't wait to read about all the silly extremely fun silly things you do. I love you to death Katiedid.


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