Monday, August 4, 2008

Soon to reign as favorite child once again

How to tell if you are mom's favorite.
(By the way, my mom is the one that showed me this picture. She said she thought about leaving it on my apartment door anonymously. That would've crushed my world for sure.)

I used to be the favorite child. I held that place in my parents' heart for years and years and years. I knew it and my siblings knew it. I used to be the favorite child until recently.
My older sister got married this year. She is the first child to get married and therefore the closest to providing my mother with her ultimate dream: a grandbaby. I anticipated a temporary shift of power, but I knew that if my sister didn't present a positive pregnancy test fast enough, my mother's hopes would be dashed. I could easily regain all the power and maintain my position as favorite.
Just as things seemed to be heading back to normal, meaning the wedding luster was tarnishing with the absence of baby news, it was time for my little sister to come home from her mission. My brother, the oldest, said the hardest thing about his transition after his mission was not having a room in his parents' house. He got his mission call while living in Florida during the (very extended) process of my family moving to Utah. He came with my mother and sister to complete the move to Utah just weeks before he entered the MTC. We also moved a couple times within the city limits while he was gone. When he got home, his stuff was in boxes in random locations and he didn't have a room to call his own. He didn't want the same thing to happen to our sister.
I had moved home for what was supposed to be short-lived, so I wouldn't have to pay rent while I went on a 5-week vacation to Peru. I didn't move out right away, because I was sick and then it was Christmas. After that it was impossible for me to leave, because I was too well liked.
In the mean time, my brother had moved back home as well. He couldn't help it. He wanted to spend more time with me.
My brother had taken my little sister's room. As my sister's return was fast approaching, it was evident that he wasn't going anywhere. I decided to leave so my brother could take my spot and free up my sister's room. I knew my mother would be sad, so I left in the night. My mother didn't figure it out for two days. That should have been a sign.
My little sister returned home and (rightfully) stole a lot of attention. I anticipated that. She was the youngest and had been gone for 18 months.
What I didn't realize was how much attention was taken from me until I got a call one night at 11pm from my little sister's friend, Jared. He asked why I wasn't partying with the family at my folks' house. My older sister and her husband were there. My brother even stuck around to hang out. Jared had been invited and was the only one to wonder where I was. My mother probably counted more bodies than she birthed and assumed we were all there. I had been forgotten! *Sigh*
These last months have been very difficult. I don't understand how this happened. I was on top! I never anticipated this day. I wasn't at all prepared. I don't understand these feelings; I've never felt them before. I'm not sure how to cope. Maybe I'll ask my siblings how they dealt with being less favored. Or better yet, I'll just make my way back to the top. I'll use my charm and wit to win my parents over once again. I've got what it takes. I'll reign again as favorite soon enough. And when I do, I'll go easy on my brother and sisters. I now know the pain that comes with being less favored.


Anonymous said...

Katie-dear, you know I love you more than my luggage. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello, Kate-myster! Just so you'll know, you're my favorite as long as you don't tell anyone!!!! Of course, that's what I tell them all!!! Love you very much, Aunt GiGi


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