Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome Home, Casey

Hermana Casey Gause returned from the Texas-McAllen Mission last night, Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 8:30pm.

We were all so happy to see her. In attendance was her immediate family: Barkley, Donna, Will, Amy, and Katie. She met her brother-in-law, Joe, for the first time. Also there were dear friends and recently returned missionaries: Lacee, Deon, and Jared. Sheila, my mother's friend, also came. Lacee's parents, Sue and Randy, proudly welcomed Casey home.

The video contains pictures of the event. The music, two John Denver hits, are sentimental. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" was the last song Casey listened to before she was set apart. We also played it on the ride home after she was released. "Annie's Song" is a favorite sung often by Casey, Lacee, and Deon.

Welcome Home, Casey. We are so glad to have you back.


MIMA said...

Darling. So glad you posted it. You have a beautiful Family Katie. Your mom looks gorgeous! Such pretty women! No JOKE!

C-Note said...

ummmmmm what happened to wills beard?

*MARY* said...

I found your blog by clicking on the word Katie on the blog of a mutual friend.
Anygoo, I'm a big fan of Caseys and would just like to type WELCOME HOME CASEY! via your blog's comment box. so WELCOME HOME CASEY!
thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow! Katie, I loved it! You are one of my favorite daughters!


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