Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

In my ward today, we opened the meeting by singing "Joy to the World". Yes, you are thinking of the right hymn. As the music chairperson, I was meeting with my Bishop a month ago. I wondered out loud why we don't sing certain songs all year long. During that meeting, he decided for Mother's Day he would assign talks about Mary, mother of Jesus, Lucy Mack Smith, the Prophet Joseph's mother, and about modern day mothers. He suggested we sing "Joy to the World" for the opening hymn and "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" as the Sacrament hymn to remind us that Jesus was born and was raised as was every child.
During the talk about Lucy Mack, I was pondering the hymn that I knew was coming up, "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". Joseph's parents, particularly his mother, raised him to be God-fearing, to read his scriptures, and to pray. Had he not been taught these principles growing up, he may have never read and pondered the scripture passage in James. Had his mother not been such a great example of faith and seeking truth, he may have never been desirous to seek out his Father in prayer.
As we sang the hymn, I imagined Mary and Lucy. I became very excited to be a mother in Zion. I want to teach my children the gospel principles so that they may also bring about great works and be a contributor to the Kingdom of God. It is a great responsibility, but as I pondered this I felt peace in my heart that I could do it. Even now as I type, I am not overwhelmed but rather joyful at the opportunities to come.
I look forward with patience and faith for the opportunity to be a mother. I look forward to the extension of trust from my Father in Heaven to care for His children. I will teach them the principles of the gospel, namely faith, repentance, and baptism. I will teach them diligently in love.
For things my mother taught me, read "As long as you know what you're doing is right" and "Education for Real Life" on my other blog.

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