Saturday, July 24, 2010

It depends on the thickness of its skull

After this week's Twilight Concert Series show, Casey and I went back to our friend's house. He and his roommate just moved into a 7th story penthouse just south of downtown Salt Lake. The penthouse also has a view of the Salt Lake Bees Stadium. Knowing that the Bees were having fireworks after their games last night and tonight, Casey and I used the power of suggestion (referencing how nice it would be to watch the show from a conveniently located penthouse) to score an invite. These guys are so classy that they suggested we come early enough to watch the sunset and then doubled the offer with a dinner invitation.

Dinner was on the grill while we watched the sunset. At one point, one of the boys posed the question, What is the largest predator you think you could fight to the death using only a hammer? After rationalizing her choice for a minute or so, Casey had to stop because she was grossed out by the images of carnage she was creating for herself. Our friend suggested that if she were in the coliseum, she would no doubtedly watch the horrific scene and might possibly enjoy it. She insisted that it would not be the case.

After dinner was so elegantly served on the ping pong table, we rushed outside to catch the fireworks show. From the roof (since the balcony had a slightly obstructed view), our friend spotted a handcuffed man being escorted from the bottom floor by a few officers.

Before our photoreceptor bleaching had been resolved, we had already shifted our attention to what would be our next show. Our buddy who had been arrested was starting to get upset. Although we couldn't make out his words, we could hear his raised voice. The female officer at his side had no trouble letting her voice carry. We could clearly hear her using his full first name, probably much like his mother had done repeatedly growing up.

The detained began displaying his resistance with his body. As they walked toward the police car, he began flailing his legs. Two bike cops rushed onto the scene at this time. The mass of officers circled the young man. Shortly after, he was on the ground. He had been tased (which we had barbarically been hoping for on the balcony). He was soon calf-roped, securing his legs that he had been attempting to use as a weapon.

A police minivan (which I never knew existed) was on the scene next. A female in a simple uniform exited the vehicle and began taking pictures of the man who was now lying very still on the ground. They rolled him over to get photographs of every angle.

In the mean time, we had busted out the binoculars. We each took turns getting a close-up of the action. I was bummed when it was my turn and the officers were blocking my shot. I never got a good look.

It was then that I realized that as averse as Casey was to the idea of watching an animal get taken down, we had no trouble watching this shirtless law-breaker meet his consequences.

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Casey & Nichole said...

You totally won the contest!! Didn't you read what the prize is? Babysitting!! Haha :) I'm so glad you won the date because I don't think I could have lasted in this St. George heat with my big belly for one more day! We are loving parenthood. I hope all is going well with you!


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