Monday, April 19, 2010

With wind like this, I'd plant windmills, too

I don't mean to misrepresent Iowa with this photo.
Christine tells us all the time that Iowa is more than farming.
She grew up in the city.

I went on an extended weekend trip to Iowa with my friend (and coworker...that's how we met), Christine. She's from Cedar Rapids. Her friend, Carla, was getting married.

We took two days off work, and started driving Thursday night. She didn't think we'd drive straight through. She and her twin sister were both surprised when we got to a suburb of Des Moines in the earlier afternoon on Friday.

It is definitely spring in Iowa. Everything was in bloom. It was absolutely gorgeous! I would like to celebrate every spring from now on in Iowa.

Christine's sisters and friends were a delight to meet. I had a ton of fun at the wedding.

After the wedding, we headed to a karaoke bar at my suggestion. We sang a few songs. (Which means I have now karaoked in 6 United States.) While I was singing, a boy came over and asked Christine if I was single. She tried to lie and say no, but he could tell she was lying. She told him that I'd be going home to Utah the next day, so it probably wouldn't be worth his time.

I loved the windmills. I loved shopping at the country store in Amish country. The food was great. The people were sure nice. I'd go again.

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