Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I finally won something! Yay!

No. I didn't win a boy. But this kid right here has this absolutely amazing sister (who I've never met). One day when he was bumming my internet, he showed me her blog. I've read it ever since.
She's lovely. Very lovely.
She had a drawing for a 20,000 hits giveaway. She was offering jewelry as her prize. One of the ways that you could win was to be the one to comment the most. Well, it was no small task, but I took a half hour and proved that I can be crazy dedicated to a single task (hence the reason why I didn't sleep much in college). About 100 comments later, I blew the competition out of the water.
Go check out her blog. She does amazing things for the world. And I mean the world. Check out some of the cool things she's done for Mothers Without Borders by clicking here and here. She is also dedicated to service on the homefront as well setting up another blog to share service opportunities in Utah. She says that she has the ultimate project coming up soon. I can't wait find out what it is and assist if I can.
She promised me some jewelry. I don't know if it can beat the bounteous amount that her brother and Josh gave me for my birthday last year, but I'm sure it will come close.

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