Sunday, February 15, 2009

On this day of Valentine

I was scheduled for rounds on Valentine's Day. I made sure the boy who I was rounding with knew that it was Valentine's Day and that I expected flowers and chocolates. He then suggested we have candlelit rounds. We even got it approved by the Resident Manager.
I decided that I couldn't expect all that from him if I wasn't willing to do something as well. I wrote him this poem and regifted a box of chocolates a fifth grader had given me.

Dustin oh Dustin
You are so incredibly kind.
I cannot imagine
A more perfect Valentine.

When I saw that we were scheduled
My heart skipped a beat.
An evening spent with Dustin
Is always such a treat.

A romantic moonlit stroll
As we round past every door.
Great conversation and some laughs--
I could not ask for more.

We reach a door and you pause
Just two hims and not a her.
I'm always so impressed.
You are such a great listener.

We are forced to stay up late,
But I see each minute a treasure.
Any time spent with you
Is always my pleasure.

I sometimes pray we have a problem
So we have no other resort
Than to spend ten more minutes together
Filling out an incident report.

Dustin, oh, Dustin
I hope that you'll be mine
As we round the dorms together
On this day of Valentine.

He loved the poem.
Alas, he showed up empty handed. Men.


Single Girl said...

WOW a real live romance.
I like it.

I miss you! and your crazy stories

Eliza said...

I have been giving him nothing but crap for not bringing something. That was amazing by the way.


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