Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aggie Adventures has begun

Camp Slimy, Gooey & Disgusting started on Monday. The experience has been great. I have nine kids ranging from 8-11 attending this week. They are crazy but a lot of fun.
As the name suggests, we have been learning about everything gross. The first two days were spent discussing the disgusting things about our bodies. We answered the questions what is that oozing from my body and why does my body do that.
I can't even pick out a favorite activity. I have enjoyed every single one of them. We made fake blisters and wounds yesterday. As you can see, our campers are ready for jobs in Hollywood makeup.


MIMA said...

YUCK!! THAT LOOKS SO REAL! I bet you are the coolest teacher ever!!!

Nathan and Brooke LeBaron said...

That sounds will have to tell me more about it! And everything else going on in your life.


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