Friday, July 13, 2012

I hope you have one, too

After unintentionally hurting my feelings, a friend cycled to my house to sort things out.  Meeting him outside, he said he had something for me.  He gave me a penny he had found on the road.  I asked him if he had found it heads up.  He said he found it just as it is.  I looked at it and found it to be tails up and immediately tossed it not wanting to be cursed with bad luck.  (When did this dramatic flair enter my life?)

He sweetly and kindly continued with the explanation.  He said the penny represented how he was approaching me, head down, in shame and sadness that he had caused me hurt.

I immediately began looking for the penny, but it was too dark.

He told me that when I found it, he wanted me to tape it to the fridge heads down so that every time I saw it, I would know that he will do his very best to never again cause me any pain.

Textual Transmission Excerpt
    Katie: It was one of the most sincere gestures I've been offered, and I threw it on the ground.
    Friend: But that was just because it wasn't Lincoln side up, and we all know how you feel about him.

I wish all the world had a friend like this one.

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