Thursday, June 24, 2010

After tossing around a Frisbee for an hour or more, a couple friends and I took a seat in the luscious grass of the park to enjoy the sunset. While we basked in this everyday but never common beauty, we talked about how we had spent the last week.
I told these two guys about going home to St. George. The highlight as always was seeing my niece, Emma. Brad asked how old she was. He then remarked with real sincerity, What do you do with a 3-month old baby?

Well, you enjoy watching her being herself.

And you revel at the fact that this tiny human has such a complex body structure. And you wonder how it happens every time. I mean, you've read about it in books, but wow! It really works.
And all the while you are thinking these things and watching her every movement, you realize that it isn't just fascination. It's love.
And you heart melts.

Then you realize you aren't just watching her. You are adoring her. And you try to soak it all in.
And you feel grateful in your heart that you get to experience this awe and unparalleled love.

And then you do eat her toes. (That was Nick's answer.) And kiss her face just to watch her eyes get bigger as you get closer.

And then you let her tiny hand wrap around your finger.

And then you tell her stories hoping she'll reciprocate. When you finish your story, you stop and listen. Then she starts to tell you a story. Her face lights up and her expressions change while she rattles off what sounds like nonsense to you, but you know it probably has a much deeper meaning, since she did just leave God's presence.

And you delight when she squeals.
And you gladly feed her because that is one of the greatest interactions. There is a special bond that occurs while you feed her. She stares ever so peacefully into your eyes, and in your heart you promise to always keep her safe.

And you are grateful that time seems to slow down, because you cherish every moment.

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MIMA said...

What a beautiful web you weave for me to read. Thank you. Loves.


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