Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We meet

I finally met her!

I drove home Sunday night with hopes of spending time with my niece during spring break. So far, it has been time well spent.

I met Emma on Sunday night and never want to leave.

I knew from the pictures that she was small, but I didn't realize that she was so tiny! She felt so fragile in my arms. Maybe fragile isn't the right word, because she is very strong like her father. I was intimidated, because she was so delicate.

I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day with her on Monday. I got to accompany my brother at the doctor's office for her two-week checkup. It was fun to watch my brother show her off to a few friends of his that worked at the hospital. His buddy's wife was holding her, doting on her remarkable beauty, when she looked up at my brother and said, "Wipe that grin off your face!" He can't help it. He is so proud of her and loves her so much.
My brother is the most adorable father ever! That morning when I was at his house watching Emma while he got ready, he walked into the room and remarked how beautiful she was. He said, "I've seen her a million times, but she still takes my breath away."
After Emma's appointment, we headed back to our parents' house. I changed and fed Emma and let her sleep in my arms for hours. I had no desire to do anything or be anywhere else.
I was glad when Emma pooped on the car ride home, because that meant I got to spend more time with her. I carried her into Will's house, changed her, and started feeding her. The hour that it took her to eat was my favorite hour of the day. By this time, I was no longer nervous to hold her tiny body and the time spent together was so peaceful and perfect.
I love Emma and can't wait to see her again today!

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Casey said...

Awww. Emma is so sweet. I'm glad you got to hang out with her.

By the way, I noticed you aren't following my blog. Should I be offended, or give you a few more moments to do so?


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