Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blogging is a dying breed

I've noticed that blogging seems to be a thing of the past. Very few of my friends post on a regular basis. Even the national blogs I follow don't update as frequently in my Google Reader. I know it's lost its charm in my life. I have turned to instant feedback in the form of facebook status updates. I can use one status update to fulfill my creative need. I can be clever in just a few words. And thanks to texting, I've learned to sum up my life in 160 characters or less.

I no longer have the desire to take 10-15 minutes to tap out a story or two on the ol' blog. I feel like Doogie Howser. I use short and insightful status updates to record my life.


Eliza said...

NO don't say that. I love reading yours. It makes me feel like we are back in Jorgensens class and we are talking behind his back. HA HA HA

MIMA said...

We haven't given it up or we would quit altogether. We are just busy. Don't you dare let go of your blog. I am trying to pay more attention to mine as well. I love reading your stories! I miss you so much. It's like a little slice of Katie when I come back and read.

Tune said...

you have inspired me! haha i'm attempting at reviving my blog now that I have figured out something I want to write about. Just letting you know incase you have a desire to read it. love ya miss ya!
-Cristina G.


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