Saturday, April 4, 2009

Graduation is fast approaching

I consider myself tech savvy...most of the time. I purchased a student license for Adobe Design Premium and have used several of the included programs, but for some reason, I was intimidated by Photoshop. Well, today I found myself with the overwhelming desire to create my own graduation announcement. I had to face my fears. I jumped right in. A special thanks goes out to all the wonderful internet people who made this project possible. I went to Google with all my questions and found the answers on a slew of Photoshop tutorial posts. (I was greatful that I wasn't the only who needed assistance for even the small manipulations.)
I'm impressed with the final project, especially knowing it was my first. My friend, Jodi, gave me the perfect statement of validation. "If your career as a teacher fails you could go into digital artwork." Oh, yeah, and thanks, Jodi, again for taking such a great picture. It sums me right up.


morgan and tina said...

Looks pretty dang good! Nice work!

B and B Slack said...

Good work....and I stole the idea from your for a countdown...thanks!

Single Girl said...


And It looks good. I need to start rocking Photo Shop. But People say its soooo hard.

Single Girl said...

I wont Make it down that weekend, because I have to be down the Next Firday for Relay for Life!!

Can we play? Please?

MIMA said...

You are welcome for the validation and the photo. It's an honor to be graduating with such an AMAZING girl.


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