Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Front page news

Recently, I planned an activity as Vice President of Dixie Education Student Association. The club presidency wanted to encourage reading by bringing in role models to share their passion for reading with the students. The Dixie State College Athletes joined with us for a previous service activity where we repainted playgrounds at three local schools. I decided to maximize the athletes' desire to help us by arranging for them to visit two other local schools.
A reporter from the Spectrum covered the activity and we made it onto the front page of the newspaper. Read the article. My name isn't mentioned despite the fact that my advisor, Nancy Hauck, repeated over and over to the reporter that I had made the arrangements. I like it better that way. The service is about reading and about the kids. I'm glad that it was such a great success! Many thanks do out to Professor Hauck. She was a great support and was the contact between our club and the athletes.
The athletes I talked to in the hallways seemed to love it. Elmer, a yell leader, even showed off a few stunts and spotted a few third graders through some flips.
Yippee for reading! Yeah for amazing athletes!

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